Love is Not a Game

by Randy Hurlburt



Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Romantic Chemistry
Chapter 2. Emotional Maturity
Chapter 3. Probability
Chapter 4. Power, Communication, and Stability
Chapter 5. Emotional Growth
Chapter 6. Sex and Emotional Closeness
Chapter 7. Distractions
Chapter 8. Value Based Relationships
Chapter 9. Fear
Chapter 10. Don’t Ask Questions
Chapter 11. Fantasies
Chapter 12. Spirituality
Appendix 1. Chemistry, Infatuation, Sex, and Emotional Maturity
Appendix 2. Romantic Attraction Questionnaire
Appendix 3. Emotional Maturity Questionnaire
Appendix 4. Sexually Transmitted Disease Information
Appendix 5. Sexual Fantasy Stories


(Love Is Not A Game contains numerous quotations and excerpts from other leading books, and is a virtual “Reader’s Digest” of the best sources of information about love.


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Relationship Counseling

Randy Hurlburt is an internationally acclaimed relationship coach, speaker, and author. He specializes in helping singles and couples experience extraordinary love by breaking the rules.

He is the author of two books, Partners in Love and Crime (to be published January 1) and Love Is Not A Game (published in 2001).

Learn from Randy how social programming may be preventing you from finding good love (and good sex), without your knowledge!